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Certified Veterinary Acupuncture

Pinehurst Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic is proud to offer acupuncture services to our dog and cat patients. Dr. Janet Johnston is certified in acupuncture by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS)

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting thin, sterile needles into specific sites on the body along nerve pathways and blood vessels.  It has been used for thousands of years in people as well as animals.  The needles stimulate pathways in the nervous system that help the body heal itself or reduce pain, which makes it useful in a variety of applications.

Is Acupuncture Right For My Pet?

Acupuncture is very safe and works well in conjunction with traditional Western medicine. Some conditions that veterinary acupuncture may treat include, but are not limited to, arthritis, hip dysplasia, soft-tissue injuries, disc disease, allergic disease (skin, ear), neurologic disease or injury, urinary disorders (FLUTD, incontinence), and gastrointestinal disease (IBD, constipation).

Veterinary Acupuncture at Pinehurst Animal Hospital.

Dr. Janet Johnston has undergone extensive training in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture, using a scientific neuro-anatomical approach to assessment and treatment. Most animals are not painful in response to the needles, and may relax or fall asleep.  Depending on the condition and how they respond, Dr. Johnston may recommend weekly treatments at first, then gradually increase the interval between treatments to a month or longer.  Electroacupuncture (use of a small electric current between needles) may be used to augment pain relief. Typically improvements are seen within the first few treatments depending on the condition.

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