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Dog in His Bed boarding in Pinehurst NC

Dog and Cat Boarding

Your Pet's Vacation While You Are Away

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Pinehurst Animal Hospital boarding facility in Southern Pines, SouthernPinesBoarding.com, and Pinehurst NC, PinehurstBoarding.com, is veterinary supervised boarding and your pet is monitored and maintained by veterinary technicians and kennel assistants.  Leaving for a vacation can be hard when not taking your beloved pet along. We understand this and strive to make our dog and cat suites a home away from home for your pets. 


We serve meals twice a day, breakfast and dinner. We provide Science Diet dog food or you can bring your pet's own food/ snacks. Clean, fresh water is always available. Please let us know any special feeding instructions. We ask that if you bring food from home it is labeled,prepackaged and portioned. 


We offer multiple spacious, fenced in play areas featuring doggy playground equipment! We understand each pet is unique. We customize play based on your dog’s needs and personality, either individual play or optional group play.

Dogs have the option after a temperament assessment to participate in supervised group daycare activities with appropriate sized pets. All dogs are exercised at least two or three times a day during their stay.

If a bath is requested, it will be done on the day of departure.


Our accommodations will help your pet feel right at home:

  • ALL of our indoor kennels are climate controlled and sanitized regularly.

  • We offer raised, comfy beds for lounging and sleeping as well as fleece cuddle beds depending on the pet's size.

  • All of our Standard suites provide natural light through skylights.

  • Our standard suites measure 12 feet deep and 4 to 6 feet wide. There is plenty of room to have more than one dog from the same family stay together if you prefer.

  • We play soothing music for optimal relaxation during their stay.

  • Our private luxury suites offer your pets all the comforts of home while you are away. These suites are 12'x12' and contain a toddler bed, cuddle bed, lounging bed, raised food and water bowls and toys. Our luxury suites are also very quiet and have their own large fenced in yard for exercise.


Our guests’ safety and health is our first priority. We provide a clean, safe environment locally owned and operated by a Veterinarian. We have a 24 hour, 7 day a week security system monitoring our facility. All of our areas for play and bathroom breaks are fenced in. You can rest assure knowing our veterinarians and technicians will monitor any of your pet’s medical concerns. Our trained staff will safely administer any medications your pet needs while staying with us.


Cats love our two-tier Cat Boarding where they have ample room to run and play. Also, multiple cats can stay together from the same household. Our cat boarding condos are very private and away from all dogs.

What to Pack: 

  • Food:  We provide Hill's Science Diet food or you can bring the same food your dog or cat enjoys at home.  Bring enough food to last their entire stay, placing each meal in a separate plastic bag and label with your pet’s name.  We also have treats available to enhance your pet’s day.

  • Medicine:  Don't forget to pack your pet's medications.  Please bring them (in prescription bottle or labeled bag) and provide instructions. We do not charge extra to administer medications.

  • Comfort Items:  We want your pet to have fun and be comfortable.  if they have a special toy or blanket that soothes them, we can include it in their suite.  We ask that it be clean, and their name written on the item to avoid mix-ups. 

What not to Pack:

  • Bedding- Please do not bring bedding. We furnish each suite and kennel with an elevated cot and fleece bedding. 

  • Toiletries- We carry regular and medicated shampoos if your pet is getting a bath. Your pet can also get a nail trimming or brushing while with us.

We are proud to tell you that our suites and condos are beautiful, well cared for, and kept clean to provide the best experience for our guests.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@Pinehurst_Veterinarian) your pet might be featured in one of our videos or photos.

For your convenience we now offer Sunday afternoon pick up between 4-5pm.  Sunday pick up must be prearranged and paid for when boarding reservations are made. There is an additional $15 fee for Sunday pick up.

Call today to schedule your reservation (910) 692-3551.  We recommend scheduling early for boarding during the holidays.

We invite you to tour our boarding facility, come see your pet's home away from home!

Boarding: About

Luxury Dog Boarding Suites

Come for a tour in Pinehurst/ Southern Pines NC

luxury boarding suite
luxury boarding suite
luxury boarding suite
Luxury Boarding Suite
Luxury boarding suite
Boarding: Gallery

Boarding Details and Requirements

  • The cost of boarding is $25 night for dogs.  Pets of the same family are able to be boarded together if the owner prefers. Feline boarding is $16 night.

  • This price includes off leash play time multiple times a day for dogs in one of our large exercise yards. 

  • Your pet will receive a complimentary bath if he or she stays for 7 days. If less then 7 days and you wish for your pet to have a bath prior to discharge please let us know when you drop off.

  • All dogs boarding with us must be picked up no later than 5:30 pm mon-Fri. and no later then 12:30pm on Sat. Pick up on Sunday is prearranged when boarding is scheduled  and between 4-5pm.

Dog Boarding Requirements:

We require that all canine guests are up to date (and have proof) of Da2pp, Rabies and Bordatella. A recent fecal is required if under 6 months of age.  Our feline boarders need to be up to date (and have proof) of FVRCP, and Rabies vaccines.  

If your pet is lacking any of the vaccinations we require, these can be provided at your pet's arrival. We also require pets that stay with us are kept on fleaand tick prevention.

Request a Pinehurst Animal Hospital Boarding Suite today!

Boarding: About

Boarding Additional Services

Kennel Staff Giving a Bath

Bath and Nail Trim

Complimentary if staying 7 nights- Request at drop off for shorter stays

Group Play while Boarding

Group Play

While your pets are boarding they can be enrolled in daily supervised group play

Dr Ioppolo with a Yorkie

Veterinary Services

Let us know if you need your your pet examined or just need their anal glands expressed or ears cleaned

Boarding: Meet the Team
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