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Pet Owner Portal

Have you visited our Pet Pet Owner Portal? Click the image below

  • Access your pet's medical records

  • Print pet ID cards with vaccination information

  • Receive email and text message reminders

  • View upcoming appointments or request an appointment

  • Access our library of valuable pet health information

Pet Owner Portal: About

Why would I want an ePet Health account?

ePet Health is a great tool to help you keep your pet happy and healthy! Here you can view your pet's vaccine and service reminder due dates.  You can notify us of changes that should be made - maybe you have a new phone number, or your pet's birthday isn't right. 

ePet Health offers fantastic extra features, such as the ability to create a Pet I.D. for your dog or cat - you can even upload a photo!  

You can view topics of importance to an elderly cat or a new puppy, your Pet Portal page is customized to your pet's needs.  Here you can view previous medications or special diets you have purchased thru us and request refills.  You can request appointments or boarding reservations or simply email us questions.  

Maybe the reminder system will be the tool for your busy lifestyle.  ePet Health will e-mail you reminders to give monthly medications, or set it up to remind you to make every 6 week nail trim appointments.  There is so much to do and see, it will soon be one of your favorite internet connections.   

Do I need a separate ePet Health account for each pet?

No! Your account contains information for each pet with an active file in your account with us. (In order to have an active account, your pet must have visited our hospital.) 

How secure is my ePet Health account?

Your account resides on a secure server protected by a fire wall. Your personal information cannot be viewed by other ePet Health users.

How do I get an ePet Health account?

If your currently a client just make sure we have a current e-mail address on file.  Once we do, go to www.ePetHealth.com and enter your email address.  (Or just enter below!)  Click on "first time log-in" and you will be emailed a link to establish your secure password.  If you prefer, within 2 business days of providing us your email address you'll get an e-mail with everything you need to get started.

What do you do with my e-mail address?

We use e-mail to remind you about your pets health needs and to let you know about new ePet Health services and features. We DO NOT sell our client list for use be third parties.

Pet Owner Portal: About
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