Doggy Daycare in Southern Pines, NC


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Do you check your watch often to see how long your dog has been alone?

Dogs are highly social and love being with other animals. When left alone, some get bored and even anxious, which can lead to destructive behavior like gnawing on the furniture, peeing on the carpet, chewing their favorite shoes, and other not-so-fun activities.

Our doggie daycare program offers a great way to give your pet exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization with dogs and people.

Our updated, climate-controlled facility is equipped to provide for all of your four-legged friend’s needs, with ample space to play and explore. Enroll your pet with us today!

At Pinehurst Animal Hospital we offer some of the best Doggy Daycare services the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area has to offer. From dawn until dusk, we enjoy giving your dog affection and personal attention, as he or she enjoys indoor and outdoor activities as well as play groups. 

When you leave your dogs at Pinehurst Animal Hospital Doggy DayCare you can feel good knowing that he or she is having fun with friends and family. 

Benefits of Doggy Day Care:

  • Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight

  • Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home

  • Improves socialization with dogs and people

  • Enhances quality of life

Doggy Day Programs:

  • Outdoor Play Groups - Our outdoor play groups are supervised and organized by size and temperment. We have great play equipment for your pet to enjoy and will receive plenty of belly rubs!

  • Indoor Play Groups  - An active and healthy animal is a happy animal! If it is too hot or cold outside your pets can enjoy our climate controlled supervised indoor play room.

  • Puppy Socialization Groups - Early socialization with other puppies of the same size can be beneficial to your pet's temperament and development.

A few things to remember about bringing your dog to Pinehurst Animal Hospital for Day Care:

  1. We love dogs of all shapes, breeds, sizes and ages, but only non-aggressive, spayed and neutered dogs are accepted at our location. Pets must be spayed or neutered unless under 8 months old.
  2. Play groups are based on size, age, and temperament.
  3. We require up-to-date vaccination records for rabies, Distemper and bordetella (kennel cough).


  •  Full Day - $14.00   
  •  Half Day (4 hours or less) - $12.00

Doggie Day Care Packages

  •  10-Day pre-paid package - $135
  •  30-Day pre-paid package - $350

A La Carte Services (Might as well be pampered!)

  • Bath and Nail Trim - $35 
  • Medicated Bath and Nail Trim - $45
  • Nail Trim - $16
  • Express Anal Glands - $20

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