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Pinehurst Animal Hospital is prepared to perform an array of surgical procedures, from routine spays and neuters to more complex soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. We routinely perform ovariohysterectomies (spays), castrations (neuters), and growth (tumor) removals, as well as, cruciate repairs (traditional lateral suture as well as the more involved TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy), stabilization of luxating patellas, IM pinning and plating for fractured bones, amputations, and FHO surgeries. Other procedures performed are surgical biopsies (liver, intestinal, skin, etc), cystotomies, anal sacculectomies, ocular enuecleations, Foreign body surgeries, splecectomies, soft palate resections, stenotic nares and entropion procedures.

We advocate the use of pre-anesthetic blood work to screen for any situations that may require us to change our anesthetic protocol for your pet. Animals with heart disease, lung disease and liver or kidney disease can benefit from a unique anesthetic protocol made just for them.

One of our top priority is controlling your pet’s discomfort. The Veterinarians and staff at Pinehurst Animal Hospital take all necessary steps to relieve any pain before, during, and after your pet's surgical procedure. We also know that with proper pain control for all surgeries, the time it takes for your pet to heal is lessened.

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