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Ultrasound is a tool that we use at Pinehurst Animal Hospital to help diagnose illnesses in pets. Ultrasound is safe, comfortable and rarely requires anesthesia. This non-invasive diagnostic tool helps us to diagnose abnormalities such as a tumor in any of the internal organ systems including the liver, spleen, bladder, kidneys, or internal lymph nodes.  Ultrasound also allows us to check for enlarged adrenal glands, inflamed pancreas, thickened intestines, or abnormal kidney size.  We are also able to use our ultrasound machine to perform ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates or to collect biopsies. These procedures allow us to gather fluid samples or tissues for analysis to aid in diagnosis.  Our doctors are professionally trained and educated to perform ultrasound techniques using state of the art equipment.

Ultrasound: About

Abdominal Ultrasound

An ultrasound of the abdomen is a a very valuable diagnostic tool we use when we need more information than X-rays or palpation can give us.  Dr Tony Ioppolo has a great interest in ultrasonography and is highly trained in its use.  We use it regularly to look at adrenal glands in Cushing's disease, evaluate for tumors in organs, look at intraabdominal lymph nodes among many other things. This painless noninvasive diagnostic sometimes needs sedation to help the patient relax.


Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasound can be used to diagnose pregnancy in dogs and cats 2 weeks after breeding.  This allows us to know if your pet is pregnant before x-rays can tell us at 42 days post breeding.

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Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates and biopsies are able to be performed at Pinehurst Animal Hospital to diagnose without having to do surgery collect samples.  This procedure typically requires some bloodwork and light sedation.

Ultrasound: Services
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